Carry case advice

What do people use to carry UHK around? Currently I simply carry it in a backpack, but sometimes there are too many things in it so I would prefer some extra case for added protection. Any recommendations?

I find a padded 13” laptop sleeve is a perfect fit and gives it some kind of protection in my back pack.

Now I have modules though, so need to find something to place those in now…

The DIY UHK carrying cases - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard post contains some solutions.

I have a roomy 13" or 14" laptop case, which holds either the keyboard with or without a thin laptop (Dell Lattitude 7370) and with or without the modules. The tenting legs are attached but folded in. There is enough space also to fit a mouse or charging cable and a compact charger, in the main compartment or in the front pouch.

Just to show that it fits, but I use a bit of padding and a pouch for the mouse.

With the thin laptop underneath…

Full package with laptop and everything.

40 cm diameter

The case is really old 10, years or so, so I do not think that you can buy exactly this one. But surely similar ones.

I think I found this from the UHK cases page originally and then found even cheaper alternative on Aliexpress. But I think this fits the modules, palm rest, and everything quite nicely

Amazon’s basic GoPro case.


Yup. It’s perfect. I put mine in with the palm rest at the hinge so more room in the pouch for the modules

There’s a 3d model on thingiverse. Didn’t try it, but it looks interesting


Indeed, it looks promising. I love the fact that it already accommodates the modules.

Is that the small size?

It’s been a while, so rather than accidently recommend you the wrong one I’d recommend checking the dimensions. Also you never know when a ‘medium’ means something else or if they switch suppliers.