Can't seem to get "ifLayer" to work

I am trying to make a larger macro behave slightly different when the fn layer is active. So I added ifLayer fn goTo doSomeFnStuff (and of course bound the macro to a key on the fn layer too), but that goTo never seems to trigger.

I have shortened it down to the following testcase – Macro fnTest:

ifLayer fn final setLedTxt 1000 fn:
setLedTxt 1000 no:

Bound this macro to the Z key on the mouse layer and on the fn layer.

When I hit Mouse-Z, the display shows NO for 1 second.
When I hit Fn-Z, the display also shows NO for 1 second. But I was expecting it to show FN.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for report! Here is fix: uhk-firmware-11.0.0-fix_iflayer_prerelease.tar.gz

(The issue was that ifLayer was querying only the macro layer mechanism.)

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Ah, then I have a workaround for the previous firmware :wink:

macro fn:

holdLayer fn

And map that onto the fn keys.

Voila, my ifLayer fn now works!

(Also, thanks for fixing this for the next release of the firmware.)