Backticks on OSX

I have a somewhat weird behaviour with the UHK. On one laptop the top left button types a backtick, on the other it types a backslash. I.e. ISO and Backtick button seem to be swapped.

Both are Macbook Pros (One 2019 model and the other an M1). Both are configured to use British - PC as keyboard layout and I selected ISO on both when setting up the keyboard. I’m using the same UHK on both and I don’t change the UHK settings in between plugging it in/out between the laptops. The built-in Macbook keyboard work flawlessly (i.e. top left button types a backtick).

Any ideas why the UHK behaves differently on one laptop?

I haven’t encountered such a behavior yet.

Can you reproduce this issue with other USB keyboards?