Auto mouse layer toggle on mouse (trackpoint) move

Hi UHK community.

I’m really happy with UHK v2 and the only question I have so far is: I don’t have left button cluster, I use only trackpoint. I’m used to using it with my index finger, but I want to try using it with my thumb. The only thing is that I won’t be able to click left mouse button in the process.

So the question is: can I automatically toggle another layer if I use trackpoint?

Well, discrete navigation modes (e.g., caret or media) can be remapped to macros. So yes, just create a macro to toggle the layer, remap all directions of one of those navigation modes and configure navigation modes per layers… You will also need to map a macro to untoggle layer somewhere in the toggled layer, and you will have to unlock the layer manually. See the smart macro reference in Agent, or the reference manual at

I just mapped the left case button as left mouse button. So I can click using my left hand (thumb).

Same here. I do have the left module, but found that I do not really use it much and actually prefer the left mouse click on the left case button, most of the time. So this is surely worth a try. :slight_smile:

If you’re on Windows you can turn on ClickLock, for one thumb functionality. There’s apps for other OS’s.