Are you planning to release feet with different tilt variations (eg 10 degrees and 15 degrees)?

In the shop I saw that the feet only provide a single tilt setting. I am used to the dual tilt setting of the KinesisGaming keyboard. If i am not mistaken it has two settings with approximately a tilt of 10 degrees and a tilt of 15 degrees. I use the last one most. Are you by any chance planning to release feet capable of this?

Yes, we will this year.


I would love to see support for more extreme tenting and tilting like what the Kinesis Freestyle2 Ascent and the ZSA Platform offer. For me, a neutral position is about 50° tent and -5° tilt.

If nothing else, a tripod adapter would be great so I don’t have to drill holes in the case.

I’ve just realized that my answer wasn’t accurate. Our accessory will only provide numerous tenting, not tilting degrees.

As for tilting, to be precise, we already provide two tilting degrees, one with the flip-out feet closed and the other opened, but admittedly, the range of tilting is rather limited.

That’s too bad. I do need those tilting degrees options because otherwise my joints won’t thank me. But thanks for the update!

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You may be able to raise it even higher by installing the following parts.

I hope the official parts will allow for higher, multi-level adjustment.