Anyone with 3D printing experience interested in a comission?

I’m interesting in commissioning the design of a custom 3D model to enhance the comfort of my UHK. I figured this community was the best place to ask as everyone here has and uses the keyboard, and so it will be easier to communicate my desire and the required dimensions.

I have large hands and long fingers, and so I find that the current wrist rest a bit uncomfortable as I have to extend the palm of my hand over the bottom of the wood.

I’d like to commission the creation of a wrist rest that is extended in length, from the ~7.5cm of the current design to around 10-10.5cm. This would allow me to comfortably rest my palm without hanging over the bottom edge.

Additionally I would like to explore the creation of another model that incorporates (or is compatible with) this extended palm rest that adds 15-20 degrees of tilt.

If anyone is interested please reach out to me. I’d pursue this myself but I don’t have a 3D printer or experience with modelling. Please note that while I intend to pay for the labor of the models design and testing, I want the final printable model files to be made freely available online for other UHK users.

This has already been done for you. Not my design.
UHK wrist rests
I’m currently using the 100mm ones as I found the 75mm to small.

I have designed some legs for them.

I don’t mind printing them for you but I’m in Australia.

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This is fantastic, thank you!

I’m currently in Argentina so I think I’m going to look for someone local to print them :sweat_smile:

Would you be interested in making a modified version that has a more aggressive tilt?

That would be fine.
The current ones are 20mm high and only suitable with the rest. Let me know how you would like them modified and I’ll upload them to the same place.

@Zetaphor Are you interested in tilting or tenting? I’m asking because we’ll release a high-angle tenting accessory soon.

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Tenting, apologies I mixed up the terms. I’d be interesting in purchasing a first party solution but for the moment I’m not in a country where I could have them shipped to me.

I was interested in something that has a more aggressive overall tent angle, bringing the whole keyboard up to 15-20 degrees

Do you have an ETA on that?
Reason being is I was going to put in an order for some other parts and with the shipping if it was any time soon I would just wait.
Even if you just gave the year…

We plan to release this accessory in about a week or two.


With the current official feet + my “legs” the tenting is already at 20 degrees.

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Hi there. Here’s my models, it’s around 8.5 cm long.

I am not sure about changing it for you, but somebody can use it as base

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Just wanted to follow up and ask about the accessory you might be releasing? I’ve been looking at less than ideal solutions on Amazon as I would prefer to have a taller height with positive tilting, but will gladly hold off if the forthcoming accessory will do the trick!

EDIT: Just realized this is for tenting, not tilting, so it may not fit my needs.

Just released: High-degree tenting is here - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard


Looks nice. Pricey but nice.

I won’t be ordering one though, I think it would be great but without a longer bridge cable I won’t get the spacing between the halves while they are tented to higher degrees.

This looks amazing, I can’t wait to pick one up as soon as I’m stateside again.

And agreed, if I didn’t already have an aftermarket bridge cable, this would be very difficult to use with the standard cable at any significant amount of tilting.

Hey, I have a parameterizable CAD model for the original palm rests here: Printables. You could tune it to your needs very easily with FreeCAD (or find someone to do that). So, you could tune it to your needs, then find a local shop or fablab and print yourself. No need to send the prints over the world, any big city would have a guy with a printer.

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