Any ideas for a USB passthrough / internal usb hub mod?

Wish I could have a usb input for a fingerprint reader / security keys.

Any ideas on how a v1 could be modded to add an usb port? Inspired by this, I thought about adding a 2 port hub internally, wiring the connectors to the appropriate places, but I’m not finding good pcb options.

Could the module connector be used instead?

I don’t have a good idea, unfortunately. The available space is very tight, so finding a small enough USB hub PCB to be integrated into the UHK 60 is next to impossible, I’m afraid.

Actually, the Muxtronics NanoHub seems remarkably well-suited but out of stock.

The “USB hub PCB” web search yields some relevant results.

True! Researched about ICs and then products that used them, ended up bumping into the same:

Looking back at that USB C mod, reckon one could wire the existing connector into these hub PCBs as a downstream input to keep the original connector functional and then add new connectors for the hub upstream / new downstream?

New connectors would probably just be wired due to space constraints, any suggestion on how to properly mount them?

I agree would love a fingerprint / yubico c input

What you suggest may be possible, although the space is awfully tight.

As for mounting, hot glue is the only solution that comes to my mind.

Of course I’d love this too. My solution is to position the KVM and a small USB hub in between the two keyboard halves.

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Quick update, this worked.

  • Out: USBC to USBC cable
  • In, UHK v1: MiniUSB to USBC cable
  • In, 4GB pen: USBA

Tested in a RaspberryPi and Windows PC, UHK Agent detected the keyboard.

Looking for some options to hold the USBC connectors before opening the UHK. Welcoming any tips!

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Well done in true hacker style!

Maybe you can dremel a recess in the case and slide and glue the connector in the recess. I’m unsure whether there’s sufficient space.