Any chance of a 65-75% option?

I love my UHKv2, but I still really miss some of the missing keys (ESC, Arrors) as they’re super common in *nix cli operations. My fingers have gotten used to layers, but it’s still slower for me. Any potential for a slightly bigger version?


Yes, we’ll release a bigger UHK version eventually, but we have no ETA, and our roadmap is not public. Please subscribe to the monthly UHK newsletter, and we’ll let you know.


For starters have you tried using the mouse as escape? I have it so that a tap on mouse will trigger escape, but holding it brings up the layer. This is vital for me as I use it a lot in vim, and the regular escape key is so far away.

I added a thumb cluster and mapped esc, del and the right arrow to it. It helps, but I still find myself reaching for ESC and slowing down a ton when I need to use arrows and some other stuff. It’s all workable, but I want to have the best of both worlds and for me that’s a 65 or 70.