All USB Cables too thick


i bought a fancy spiral USB C cable to make the keyboard look fancier but it is too thick to fit the hole, so I was looking for a very short usb c to usb c extension cable which fits the hole, does anyone have a recommendation?

You could just wait for the hole to break, then you won’t have that problem! #inevitable :slight_smile:

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Is that so common?

I’m afraid it’s relatively common. Our mechanical design is not great in this respect, but further UHK versions will have no such issues.

Alternatively, you can dremel the case to make way for the thicker cable, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Future versions of the case?
Or a completely new V3?

I mean a new keyboard variant.

Any timelines on when the v3 will be announced?

I’m sorry, but we don’t have a timeline to share.

Could you elaborate on what this means exactly? Is this just a cosmetic issue, or a functional issue (eg not having a working usb c port)?

Bit in the middle.

The port works but the cable holder snaps and the cables go all over the place. You can live with it but it is frustrating.