Agent v3.0.2 won't keep theme changes

Agent always reverts to “Follow operating system theme”. For example, if I switch to the dark theme, it will change the color, but if I navigate away from and back to the Settings tab, it shows the “Follow operating system theme” even though it didn’t actually switch the colors back. Also after switching themes, I can’t make any changes to keymaps or macros, etc. When I click on a macro, the main window displays, “There is no macro with id.”. If I click one of the kemap layer buttons, it doesn’t switch layers. Restarting Agent will revert back to the actual operating system theme colors, and I can make changes to the keymaps & macros again.

I recently installed Windows 11, and I didn’t have this problem on Windows 10. I’ve tried uninstalling agent and cleaning up the old files before reinstalling, but no luck. Anyone else experience this?

We haven’t encountered this issue yet. Please report it here, and my colleague will look into it.

Sorry, I forgot all about this. I just wanted to mention the theme change issue is resolved since Agent v3.2.0.