Agent 3 and firmware 10 is released

Say hi to per-key RGB backlighting, one-shot keys, and advanced secondary role resolution!

Agent should auto-update itself and the new firmware.

Mad props to @kareltucek for keeping pushing the firmware and to Robi, the developer of Agent.


This should not make me so excited. But it does!

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Great, but why keyboard is white in per-key mode?

And is it possible to add some “ok/add” button when adding new color?

Also is it possible to have “black color” to disable light for specific keys? Cause currently it does not want to add such color.
And need to have edit button, cause no way to modify existing colors.
Also key color is reset on each remap but must be preserved.

It does not for me and when I check for update I get the following error.

Manual deinstallation and installation of v3 worked fine. Also checking for update with version 3 throws no error.

Thanks for the great update! Now I need to enable the first one-shot keys :grin:

oneShot holdKey S- ⇦ Sticky shift (or one-shot in UHK speech) – I love it!

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If too many colors are configured then they does not fit in screen.

  • Sort of a bug is when per-key backlighting was used and the brush is still open when switching to functional backlighting one can not edit keys any longer.

  • a color assigned (per-key) can not be erased

  • oneShot of a layer does not honor modifiers and also not what is defined on a modifier layer (for example the Shift layer)

Example for the first case: oneShot holdLayer fn2 will work as expected when hold, but not when tapped, for example on the m-key (qwerty) I get ] instead of }

Thanks for your reports! Please open separate Agent/firmware issues (whichever applies).

This issue has been opened so far: Per-key coloring configuration problems. · Issue #2031 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/agent · GitHub

The keyboard is white in per-key mode to make this mode trivial to differentiate from functional backlighting mode.

The circle around the “2” letter of the dual-role key should not be white anymore. This has been fixed before releasing Agent 3.0.0. Are you using a development build?

I just copied from git page :slight_smile: cause my keyboard was not functional.
Wrote about white color also in Per-key coloring configuration problems. · Issue #2031 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/agent · GitHub but if needed can open separate PR.

Thanks, but I think we’ll resolve these issues rather quickly.

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Does this Agent 3 and Firmware support the hotkey functionality of KVM Switch well? In the previous Agent anf Firmware, UHK was not supported it as you know.

Hi there,

No keyboard explicitly supports the hotkey feature of KVMs. What you probably mean is being able to switch the UHK from N-key rollover (NKRO) mode to 6-key rollover mode (6KRO) mode so that the limited parser of KVMs can recognize the relevant key/shortcut.

We’ll enable this possibility; please subscribe to Firmware 9.0.0 breaks KVM's hotkey sequence. · Issue #536 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub

As it is the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, you need to hack a bit. :wink:

Export your configuration to JSON and open it with your favorite editor.
Then replace "b": 255, with "b": 0,, "g": 255, with "g": 0, and "r": 255 with "r": 0.
This works best if you have not made any per-key color changes in the Agent yet.
Then import the modified configuration JSON.
(Normally the changed configuration should then be used, but I had to unplug/plug mine before I got the expected behavior.)

Short explanation: every key has its color setting in the configuration JSON.
The above replacements change the default color White (RGB 255, 255, 255) to Black (RGB 0, 0, 0).

Thanks i already did it in this way but still there is an issue

that not all keys are fully “black”. For example left led still has some light.

Or here for bottom

Thus i’m not sure that rgb values set to 0 is applied correctly.

Great catch! I can reproduce this issue. It seems to me that in functional backlighting mode, unassigned keys are fully black, so this is probably a firmware issue. I’ll look into this after getting the Agent black color selection bug fixed so that I’ll be able to reproduce this issue with various keys easily.

Karel pointed out that it must be oneShot holdKey iS- because of “composition mode”(firmware/doc-dev/ at master · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub).

Approximately when will the support be available? You said, “keyboards do not explicitly support the hotkey function of KVM”, but in Firmware and agent version 8.0.x.x, the UHK works well without any issues. Because of this, I haven’t been able to upgrade the firmware and agent.

I’m hoping that this year, we can resolve Firmware 9.0.0 breaks KVM's hotkey sequence. · Issue #536 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub