Trackball size increase

Can we get a larger trackball or is there an adapter elsewhere for purchase?


We can’t offer a larger trackball, but we’ll eventually release an improved trackball version and announce it via the UHK newsletter.


I must say, after almost two years of using trackball constantly, my right wrist feels much worse than the left. I am afraid, the current one is not so ergonomic, so I detached it completely to not get the tunnel carpal syndrome.

I wonder if it has more to do with the placement than the size of the trackball itself. Been using the trackpoint for about a year or so. It’s super convenient and I use it more than the mouse during work, but I do feel a bit of… stress in my thumb from constant usage

Yes, I wondered about the placement also. It’s a stretch for my thumb, but trackball/trackpoint where the G or B keys would be easy to reach with my right index finger.

Just for the record, I am happy with current placement. When I move my hand so that my fingers rest on the 7890 keys, my thumb rests on trackball/trackpoint comfortably. I can’t imagine controlling the ball/nib if placed at the level of B or G keys…

+1 to a larger trackball.

Re: placement, I’ve been using my index finger for the trackball and thumb for the buttons. This way the base of my palm rests on the corner of the wrist rests, which is reasonably comfortable. As I’m also using the tenting legs, I’ve also got a squishy wrist rest to support my wrist. It’s pretty comfortable, but for finger use, I think moving the trackball closer to the home row would be better, to reduce the movement from the normal typing position. I find the trackball way too small for my clumsy thumbs to use effectively :sweat_smile:

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Trackball seems the best available option WITH the keyboard, but the size seems shortsighted.