Showing a german qwertz keyboard layout in the UHK agent?

Ah, that is what you meant. Indeed there are quite a few changes needed to achieve the same functionality compared to a standard keyboard, because of fewer keys available! I was talking about the layout of the main keys which are similar, with the one and a half exceptions I mentioned (#-key and Enter form).

The AltGr-key is mostly on the same position on German full-size keyboards. But the arrows, Print and more you can never rely on a fixed position.

To have more keys on the UHK in typical position you can remap ESC and the arrow keys like I had done with my German layout.

In the meantime I use a different layout and do not use qwertz any longer and adjusted my layers also. But the general idea of my posted layout is still valid and might give you some ideas. Also my linked article on hashnode might be helpful.

I will post my current layout hopefully in the coming weeks, still had too much going on…