Set delay in trackpoint module

In $onInit, I have
set module.trackpoint.navigationMode.base caret.

When I hold the trackpoint in one of the four directions, the arrow keys come spewing out with little delay between them. Can I increase this delay to say 500 MS?

500ms? Why would you want to do such a thing?

I mean, if you just want to decrease the sensitivity, then increasing caret speed divisor should do the trick.


set module.trackpoint.caretSpeedDivisor 64

If you want to do something else… …then I need to better understand why in order to be able to help.

Yes, I just want to decrease the speed. I spend more time positioning the caret than I do getting work done. This is what I have.
set module.trackpoint.baseSpeed 0.0
set module.trackpoint.speed 0.01
set module.trackpoint.xceleration 0.0

This solves my problem, though caretSpeedDivisor might work better. I’ll give it a try.