Notification firmware updates?

Agent does not check the latest firmware. Is there a way to get a notification about a new firmware?

It’s worth mentioning that the firmware and Agent versions must be in sync; otherwise, Agent can’t communicate with the firmware.

Consequently, one can only update to a firmware version of the same major and minor number as the firmware version bundled with Agent.

I believe GitHub notifies you about new firmware releases if you subscribe to the UHK firmware project, but Agent auto-updates itself, and afterward, it requires you to update to the latest firmware that you can approve with a single click, so the process should be quite seamless.

It is also worth mentioning that in practice this isn’t a problem. The communication protocol does not change almost at all. Regarding serialized configuration, although we don’t guarantee it, we usually write new features so that the firmware does not mind whatever configuration version Agent flashes onto the keyboard. (It makes our own lives much simpler.)

When the major.minor firmware version is larger than the Agent’s firmware version, it can be a problem. Backward compatibility is taken care of, but people seldom downgrade the firmware.

Going forward, we can ensure that only major version matters in this respect, allowing users to upgrade to newer firmware without updating Agent, except for major version increases.

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