Left side keyboard not registered on first connection

Hello, I have two UHKs. On my first one (version one), if I disconnect the laptop (Macbook Air M2) from it, and then reconnect, I can simply resume using the keyboard. On the newer UHK (version 2), when I physically reconnect, initially nothing happens, or to be more precise, the left side of the keyboard does not produce any text on the laptop screen. This is reliably addressed by disconnecting the left keyboard manually, and reconnecting it. Then it works again. But I would rather not have this somewhat inconvenient extra step. Can anyone shed light on the cause and cure for this phenomenon? With thanks, Will

Hi there,

I haven’t ever heard about this issue, so I’m surprised.

  1. Can you reliably reproduce this issue with multiple computers?
  2. Can you reproduce the issue when merging the halves without the bridge cable?